Leading from the sustainable future

Welcome to Bitjoule!

Bitjoule Canda, Inc. aims to be a social enterprise.  We are committed to tackle today's difficult societal problems and at the same time develop products that can contribute to resolving them from technological perspectives. Our business is focused on manufacturing electronic devices that have features of Internet of Things (IoT), which support small-scaled aquaculture facilities (hydroponics, aquaponics, etc.) to compete against larger-scaled counterparts.

Bitjoule explores to consumerize products and services that have only been available as industry-class solutions in the market by sizing them down to fit into small applications as well as serving enthusiastic hobbyist needs at dramatically lower costs so that barriers of entrance to become producers in those areas are greatly lowered. Machinery will now become little charming devices. Manufacturing footprint to achieve the equivalent quality is also kept minimum.

News Release

2017 Feb 9th

Bitjoule Canda, Inc. now consolidates all the operations of Bitjoule-branded products and services as global headquarters.

2016 July 28th

Bitjoule Canda, Inc. assists a solution called "Bitjoule Magic Box," which is marketed by our partner company Bitjoule LLC in Japan. The solution is now certified by Microsoft in The Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT program.